fondo kelone



1.- Customer ensures that the pattern of the ship referred to in this agreement, possesses knowledge and expertise to the Government of the rented boat, which is legally enforceable title-holder in Spain and you will have it for the duration of this agreement available to the relevant authorities.

2-The lessor rented the pleasure craft described in the special conditions, described above, subject to the terms of this contract period and price.

3.-Client will present at the time of embarkation, security deposit, the amount described in the lease, which will be returned to you at the time that end this contract and State of the boat has been found by the lessor. THE customer undertakes to return the boat to the lessor with full fuel tank or pay the difference consumed, more €30 of refuelling.

4-Client is obliged to use the boat leased as if it were their property, according to the rules of the good sailor, and respecting the rule of law. Will be obligation of the customer to maintain in good condition of use the leased boat, as well as all existing installations in it.

THE customer shall not exceed the authorized number of people. The boat of this contract will be destined to yachting, and may not be used this to carry out commercial or lucrative as well as the sub-lease.

THE customer is responsible for any injury, damage, loss or breakdown to occur, both the leased vessel of any of its elements as for example the dinghy with his outboard. To any of the above circumstances, the landlord will retain the deposit to compensate the damages caused both materials and profits.

5-Client shall immediately notify the lessor of any accident, loss, damage or incident regardless of its nature. In the case of accidents you must formalize a part of accident in writing, the causes, circumstances and consequences of what has happened, as well as be known, name, surname and address of the originator of the fact and of the witnesses and the names and addresses of those workers affected, if any. Any fact incidental, spontaneous, outside or violent means by accident, for the purposes of this agreement,.

6.- Any failure to comply with these rules that produce a blockage of any kind in the WC, during the period of rent of the boat, customer shall pay the amount of € 300 for damage caused to the company's charter.

7.- In case of not coping of such payment, the company's Charter you can discount it bail or pass the charge to the customer's credit card

8.- If this agreement were determined for reasons imputable to the client, the cost of cancellation of reservation would be: within 30 days of the shipping, 50% of the rent.In the 30 days prior to embarkation, 100% of the rent.

9.- For any interpretation of the present contract the courts of ALICANTE, renouncing the jurisdiction that could correspond to them both parties are only competent.

And in proof of compliance, the participants, in their respective speeches, sign this agreement in knowledge and adoption of clauses, exemplary twice and a single effect.

The landlord tenant




You can print these conditions prior to shipment