fondo kelone


Here is a series of recommendations which must be taken into account when navigating




Boat equipped for accommodation and navigation, with pattern. Navigation and safety equipment. Outboard boat motor and auxiliary. The vessel and passenger insurance.


Fuel, moorings, meals, beverages and feeding pattern (foresee around €25 per person per day) final cleaning of the boat (€90 to be divided between the components of the trip).
Any concept not specified as included


The route to follow during the navigation along the coast is flexible and is always depending on the weather conditions. The employer always has the final decision on the route, depending on weather conditions, the time available, the State of the sea, etc.




Crew and boat.

Crew and boat .

The crew consists of a pattern, expert Navigator and knowledgeable of the area, which usually collaborates in the tasks of navigation and who is in charge of the Organization on board for the proper functioning of the trip.
Pattern governs the boat, and decides to follow, the possibility or not, to perform certain maneuvers, moorings, etc. in addition to the route..
The boat is a monohull of 13,50 meters in length, fully equipped for 6/8 passengers housed in 3 cabins doblesy 2 bunk beds. It has 2 indoor bathrooms and showers on outside, kitchen with utensils.

The boat and equipment must be in correct state upon landing.


The daily tasks of cooking and cleaning are organized among the participants in the navigation (excludes them pattern). It is not mandatory to participation in the tasks of boat handling, even if these turn out to be one of the attractions of the trip.



Meals / drinks.

Meals / drinks. .

Meals and beverages are not included in the price, as well as either the pattern.
It is recommended to make a mutual fund before departure to cover the moorings, fuel consumption and purchasing power base for cooking (salt, oil, rice, pasta, sugar, coffee, biscuits, some cans, beverage embotellas, - boxes-...).).

Perishable foods is advisable to go them buying on the fly during stops. Usually, breakfast and you have lunch on the boat, except when they dock at ports, where you can taste the variety of local cuisine at good prices.


Equipment and preferred.

Equipment and preferred. .

Bag canvas without metallic structures and which to fold (carrying only essential baggage, for greater comfort in the cabin). * Small backpack or bag for personal effects when you are on land.
* Swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, hat or visor, high protection Sun and sores and insect repellent insect.
* Cosmetic case with complete set of toiletries.

* Comfortable footwear with soles of rubber (preferable nautical shoes) and rubber sandals or flip flops. * Comfortable cotton clothing. A jacket in summer and thick pullover or fleece in spring. 



A passage boat insurance is included.
Optionally, you can hire a care insurance in travel and the trip for reasons justified cancellation fees and/or. Please request information